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China Unveils World’s Fastest Bullet Train

December 28, 2009

On Saturday, China unveiled the world’s fastest and most sophisticated commuter bullet train, named the Harmony Express. The train’s average speed is 350 kilometers or 217 miles per hour. The train connects the cities of Guangzhou and Wuhan. For comparison, the average speed of bullet trains in Japan is 243 kilometers per hour and 277 kilometers per hour in France. China is also constructing the longest sea-crossing bridge in the world. It is clear that China has come a long way in technology and engineering, leading the world in several important areas.

Chinese translation: 上周六,中国推出了世界上最快,最先进的通勤子弹头列车。列车的平均时速为350公里或217英里每小时。列车连接广州的城市,历时四年的建设。相比之下,在日本的子弹列车平均时速为每小时243和277公里的时速在法国公里。中国还拥有世界上最长的桥梁。很明显,中国已经在技术和工程很长的路,从而在上述几个重要领域的世界。

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