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Hey Apple – Google Also Has A Tablet Computer

February 6, 2010

With all the recent hype about the iPad, hardly anyone noticed Google’s plans for a Chrome OS-based tablet The idea is early-stage, but Google has established itself as a dominant force with the ability to compete and succeed in areas it so chooses. Google’s Tablet mock-ups show a variety of ideas, including a virtual keyboard taking up the bottom half of the screen or detached and floating as a separate window. Also included are a slideshow mode, an application launcher, sidebar-mounted browser tabs, and a pop-up contextual menu.

Computing companies have been trying to make tablets for years, with little success. Apple hopes its design will change that with its iPad selling from $499 to $829. It’s more of an iPhone with a large screen than a MacBook with no keyboard.
Google is taking a different approach with Chrome OS. Instead of programs running straight on the computer’s hardware and its underlying Linux operating system, Chrome OS applications run directly in the browser.

One thing is certain – with giants Apple and Google entering the tablet computer market, the tablet niche will soon come of age.

Japanese Translation By Mojofiti

コンピューター関連の会社は長年に渡ってタブレットを開発しようと試みてきましたが、結果はほとんど出せないままでした。アップル社は自社の設計が$499 から $829のiPadの設計に取って代わることを望んでいます。MacBookよりも大きなスクリーンがついていて、キーボードもついていないため、どちらかというとiPhoneよりです。



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