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DO GOOD – A Snapshot Of The World

March 20, 2010

We often write at this blog about technology and breaking down language barriers. However, technology does not presently directly reach the majority of the world’s population. The most likely way technology will reach and benefit most of the people on this planet is through basic mobile phones (not smart phones) and simple talking computer chips that can be embedded inexpensively into printed materials. These talking chips have the capacity to “speak” in local languages.

Anthony Salcito, Vice President, Worldwide Education for Microsoft writing about the importance of breaking down language barriers stated: “Opening technology to people who have been closed off by language barriers can create tremendous new opportunities. Enabling people to acquire technology skills can enhance their employability and economic opportunities. It can also have powerful ripple effects, enabling a person to share their learnings and help not only themselves but their entire community.”

At Mojofiti, we are working on ways to create value for most of the people in the world by first breaking down language barriers, then collaborating to facilitate economic and other benefits.

Below is a video titled DO GOOD that shows what the world looks like by distilling it to a village of 100 people.

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