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Accelerating High School And College Graduation Times Could Reap Benefits

March 21, 2010

Some U.S. educators and economists have recently suggested an out-of-the-box idea for transforming high school and college. If high school grades 9-12 are compressed into 3 years, the economic savings would be on average 24%. If college undergraduate degrees are compressed to 3 years, the savings would average 23%.

Whether students are mature enough to handle and thrive under accelerated programs remains to be seen. There is precedent for accelerated programs at U.S. high schools and colleges, involving select students. Pilot programs would be required to determine if these programs could work for all students.

China and India have implemented with great success, accelerated programs at their equivalents of high school and college. If the U.S. is to remain competitive with other countries and address economic pressures, accelerating graduation times could be a big part of the solution.

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