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Failing To Tweet A Crime? – NY Police Say Yes

March 24, 2010

Social networking is developing at such a fast pace that existing laws and regulations can’t catch up. But, charging Justin Bieber’s manager Scott Braun with reckless endangerment and criminal nuisance seems like a huge leap when it comes to criminality. I might be able to understand civil claims, stemming from a scheduled Bieber mall appearance last November that turned into a stampede and injured one fan, but criminal charges? Wow! This case, as all will be decided on the facts and the law, so here is what we know.

According to NBC New York, police at the time of the incident ordered Braun to send a message to Bieber’s fans via Twitter to notify his followers that the event was canceled. Fans of the rising teen superstar were waiting for Bieber to arrive at the mall, where he was set to perform selections from his new album. Police say Braun refused to send the message, seeking publicity at the risk of safety.

An attorney representing Braun dismissed the police characterization of events.

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