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iPad Pros and Cons

April 3, 2010

Keep in mind the iPhone and Apple’s roll out of new versions annually. Apple is the best in the business when it comes to planned obsolescence as a way to sell new versions (three years after launch the iPhone still lacks a camera flash).

Despite the cons, we think the iPad is a game changer!

• Touchscreen and design
• Lightweight
• 10+ hour battery life
• 1 GHz Apple A4 Processor
• Apps
• Great e-reader platform
• Games
• Entry level pricing

• No expandable memory
• Lacks multitasking
• No video/still camera
• No support for Flash
• Lacks USB Port(s)
• Missing SD Slot
• No HDMI Out
• File transfer not easy
• No ability to display true widescreen format
• No ability to video conference
• No GPS
• No DIY battery replacement

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