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3G iPad Reviews

May 2, 2010
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Initial reviews of the 3G iPad indicate it is a superior device based on the added connectivity. Clayton Morris, writing for states: “After month one of hopping in and out of Wi-Fi hotspots using the Wi-Fi only version, I can safely say the 3G functionality dramatically changes the way I use this device. Let there be no doubt, the new 3G is superior.”

Not all the reviews are positive and some apps are blocked or throttled, particularly video steaming. This is likely due to the limitations of 3G when it comes to video bit rates.

The 3G iPad costs $130 more than the Wi-Fi version and AT&T, the carrier for the iPad’s 3G network, is charging $29.99 a month for unlimited access. The 3G version has five internal cellular antennae. There are some minor design changes, such as a black plastic bar along the back that helps the cellular signals to propagate. There’s also a micro SIM card slot along the side.

Apple sold 300,000 Wi-Fi iPads on April 3, its first day and sales figures from today show another 300,000 3G iPads were sold this weekend. The iPad will not reach international markets until late May, but some analysts believe Apple could sell more than 5 million units throughout the world in 2010.

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