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The Creative Age

June 5, 2010

Writer Clay Shirky, says today in the Wall Street Journal, that the Internet and its ever-growing base of 1.8 billion global users is creating the roots of a new reading and writing culture. I call it the “Creative Age.”

For over 20 years, I have been involved in advising software companies and their developers. The transformation from teams of 50-100 engineers taking years to release products to today’s 6-12 week cycles with a handful of developers is astounding. And the developers – they have evolved from nerds locked away in skunk works with 160+ IQ’s who could not be understood by anyone with lesser intelligence – to creative types with tattoos who appreciate art, food, and heaven help us – socializing! This is the Creative Generation in the Creative Age and they will cause the next big revolution in technology that will lead us into the next period of economic prosperity.

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