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Small Bites – One Step At A Time

June 7, 2010

Startup Tip #6 – Small Bites – One Step At A Time

One of the reasons you hear the term serial entrepreneur, is because startups can be exciting and fun. Those who experience success with startups often have cravings to replicate the positive aspects of the startup experience.

Sometimes, early stage euphoria causes entrepreneurs to behave like “Superman” thinking they can achieve any and all goals, no matter how unrealistic. This thinking can lead to skipped steps and cut corners. Such behavior can quickly derail an otherwise successful company.

It takes tremendous discipline, but the ability to take small bites and one step at a time is critical to early stage success of a new venture. Like the “Tortoise and The Hare” slow and steady wins the race.

Small steps done well and to completion will not only score points with angels, VC’s and investors, it will build a foundation for ongoing success. Demonstrating restraint while continuing to move forward is one of the best ways to ensure a long and prosperous future for your company and its constituent

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