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Google Green

July 31, 2010

Google has entered into a power purchase agreement with NextEra Energy Resources, an Iowa wind farm. NextEra will sell Google 114 megawatts of renewable power – enough green energy to power several of Google’s behemoth data centers.

But wind energy is only one component of Google’s initiatives to be carbon neutral and green. Below are a few of Google’s publicly disclosed green projects.

Google has invested about $11 million on three geothermal projects: $4 million to Potter Drilling, $6.25 to Alta Rock Energy, Inc. and another $489,521 to Southern Methodist University Geothermal Lab.

Electric Vehicles
Not counting Google founders’ investments in Tesla, Google has a fleet of electric cars in its RechargeIT project, to promote electric vehicles and educate the public on performance of these vehicles.

Solar Energy
Google has installed solar PV panels at its headquarters, the Googleplex in Mountain View, CA

Efficient Computing
Google is a true leader in data center energy dynamics. From servers that use less energy to operating data centers at higher temperatures and closing off warm air areas from cold air areas, Google is leading all companies on more efficient use of electricity in relation to data and computing.

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