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AVG Report – Online Risks

August 26, 2010

Seven of the 10 safest countries in the world belong to the African continent, with Sierra Leone and Niger taking the top two spots, followed by Japan. South America also got high points for internet security.

Of course, the reason for the African ranking stems from “low broadband penetration and Internet use in these African countries”, AVG said in a statement.

Japan, on the other hand, is “arguably the safest place to surf the net,” according to AVG—it has high internet use and broadband penetration, yet is third in the safety ranking. Turkey leads the ranking for risky surfing, followed by Russia, Armenia and Azerbaijan.

The reasons for those countries’ questionable online safety are multifarious, ranging from a tendency to access illegal download sites to the popularity of sharing computers in internet cafes.

AVG compiled data from over 127 million computers in 144 different countries to determine the incidence rate of virus attacks by country; but as AVG chief research officer Roger Thompson pointed out in a blog post, “viruses and malware knows no boundaries”. So rather than a clear-cut indication on ‘safe’ online countries or not, the infographic is more useful to tell “about the behavior of web surfers worldwide”, explained Thompson.


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