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Is Renewable Energy The Answer (Or The Right Moniker)?

October 3, 2010

A fresh approach to production, distribution and consumption of electricity could fix the economy and reduce global conflict.

First, we must replace the term ‘renewable energy’ because it is misleading. Better terms might be alternative energy, modern energy, hybrid energy or cleaner energy.

Second, the biggest bang for the buck involves more efficient and cleaner production, distribution and consumption of electricity. Shifting production of electricity from dirty sources of power generation to cleaner sources and hybrid sources will increase production efficiencies and lower carbon emissions. Power grid infrastructure needs a complete rebuild. According to the power generation industry, new smart grid distribution technologies could create increase system efficiencies by up to 30%.

Third, distributed energy storage in the form of new batteries (initially in cars) connected to smart grids can create efficiencies of 10%-20%. This will take time, but technology is sufficiently advanced to justify commencement of this initiative.

Fourth, migration from the current high dependence on foreign fossil fuels to use of cleaner domestic fuels and integration of alternative hybrid sources (wind, solar, hydrogen, etc.) of power production will reduce global conflict.

Taking the steps outlined above will create millions of new jobs and stimulate positive economic activity.

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