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Aspects Of Halloween Can Help Entrepreneurs

October 30, 2010

Almost all children and many adults love Halloween. There are a multitude of reasons for this attraction, but costumes lower inhibitions and facilitate temporary alter ego identities.

The ability to lower inhibitions, as observed in celebrating Halloween, can be utilized effectively in the entrepreneurial and startup ecosystem. As is often the case, many startups must be lean and rely on bootstrap tactics. Early investors may favor lean, but lean can create disadvantages when it comes to dealing with bigger stronger partners and market competitors.

The confidence to position a small company on equal ground with a larger company can be accomplished by utilizing a temporary alter ego. This is tricky, because to be effective, the alter ego must be subtle and based on some reality vs. pure fantasy. However, utilizing elements of Halloween, startup founders can assume a particular personality in order to accomplish certain goals.

The key to this strategy lies not in the alter ego, but in the role model used for the particular scenario where the alter ego is employed. Some great role models for use by founders include: Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Jack Welch, David Packard, Sam Walton, Larry Ellison; Alan Mulally, Reed Hastings, Gordon Nixon, Jeff Bezos, Warren Buffett, John Chambers and John Doerr.

The next time you feel intimidated about an important negotiation or transaction, remember Halloween and try approaching the task with the help of a subtle alter ego personality.

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