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The Evolution of Shervacca

March 19, 2011

Last December, I posted a tweet asking about new dream jobs (see string below).

Shervin Pishevar said he would be a firefighter, a noble profession. Chris Sacca responded that he would be an arsonist, to keep Shervin from becoming bored. Shervin suggested we create a comic book called  the “Saccarsonist.”

Seizing the moment, I contacted William Gianulis, a young artist we mentor as part of Vurtu’s (an incubator/accelerator I founded) efforts to encourage and assist teen entrepreneurs with the launch of new projects and businesses. William is 17-years-old and aspires to illustrate and write graphic novels. William started work on some original art concepts for the Saccarsonist.

Then on March 17, 2011, the Shervacca meme was born on Twitter.

The illustrations below are in progress. These images are not intended to look like Sacca or Shervin, but to represent characters in a fantasy world. We’re modifying the concept from the Saccarsonist to Shervacca and William is dedicated to bringing to fruition, imagery and a comic book or graphic novel, to support Shervacca.

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