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Apple and Google vs. Everyone Else

October 23, 2011

There are presently about 250 million iOS devices and about 200 million Android devices in the world. Mobile devices are the present and the future. Apple and Google have decided advantages over others, because they have created operating systems. These two companies will continue to succeed, while everyone else plays catch-up.

Facebook, Twitter and others have two choices: be acquired or go public. The window for IPOs is about to close. Groupon’s IPO is a shadow of its former self and not likely to have great results. The fates of Facebook and Twitter are tied to Apple and Google. In my opinion, these companies cannot go public in the near term. Facebook can wait it out for a few years, but Twitter cannot.

Apple has not succeeded with its social network attempts. That, coupled with Tim Cook’s leadership and a lot of cash, will lead Apple to make runs at acquiring Twitter, then Facebook. Expect an acquisition of Twitter by Apple in 2012-13. Expect Apple and Google to compete to acquire Facebook.

It’s Apple and Google vs. everyone else.

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