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The Next Big Things

November 24, 2011

I’ve been thinking about the next big things in technology and have narrowed my list to three hot areas I think will emerge as we enter 2012.

Online and Offline
The Internet, social networks and online marketing are entering a mature phase. Yet, there is still great competition among startups to find creative ways to enter the online market.  I see a huge gap, and a related opportunity for startups to connect online and offline activities. This is the proverbial pendulum swinging back toward equilibrium from a pure online model. Traditional large businesses and brands are looking for this bridge between online and offline. Pure Internet social platforms like Twitter and Facebook need offline balance. So, look for startups to emerge that connect the online world to our offline world.

New Media Advertising
With the exception of Google and online clicks, advertising has not really evolved over the past 30 years. Look for the TV to connect with our small screens in a much more focused way when it comes to advertising. High production quality episodic video will emerge as a quick way to garner millions of views on YouTube. Companies like CP+B, AKQA and the Fearless Group will likely lead the way.

Ultra Modern Banking
Banking is another industry that hasn’t evolved much during the last 30 years. People are tired of excessive fees and other aspects of banking. Look for electronic micro banking to emerge, with platforms built primarily on mobile devices. The startups that crack this code will have huge potential to quickly capture millions of customers and their deposits.

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